Royal Jelly

Fit for a Queen! Royal Jelly is not just a fancy name for marketing honey. It has amazing health benefits including improving cognitive functioning, increasing fertility and anti-aging properties. But what exactly is royal jelly? Well, while worker bees feed on honey for energy, the ultra nutritious Royal jelly is made exclusively for the queen […]

Lemon Smoothies

The versatile ‘queen of greens’ : Just as avocados have become every millennial’s favorite fruit, Kale is probably taking over your social media feeds as well! But we’re not complaining, this cruciferous vegetable’s health benefits makes it worth the hype! It is so versatile in that it can be blended with other macronutrient ingredients for […]

Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Natural and safe products for you and the family The Sea of Herbs shop is famous for its spices, herbs and natural beauty products. But for over 200 years, our store has helped create herbal remedies for different ailments and health complaints. Today, we are creating a balance between modern medicine and traditional Arabic medicine […]

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