Why everyone’s ‘krazy’ for Kale!

The versatile ‘queen of greens’ :

Just as avocados have become every millennial’s favorite fruit, Kale is probably taking over your social media feeds as well! But we’re not complaining, this cruciferous vegetable’s health benefits makes it worth the hype! It is so versatile in that it can be blended with other macronutrient ingredients for your morning smoothie or be cooked and eaten in salads and omelettes. It’s chock for of nutrients and fiber and low in calories which is why many health nuts (us included) love it! But let’s go over a few reasons why Kale is awesome!

The Health Benefits of Kale:

  • Kale is anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory which means it can prevent diseases like cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It’s awesome for weight loss and achieving your health goals because it is low in calories, and rich in fiber and nutrients so it’ll keep you full!
  • High in vitamins C, K, A and a great source of iron. It is high in antioxidants and this again can prevent diseases and is anti-aging.
  • It helps eliminate toxins in your body accumulated from pollution, pesticides and processed food.
  • If you’re pregnant, you’re going to want to eat some kale as research has shown that folate found in kale can support your baby’s brain development and prevent birth defects.
  • Can help you strengthen your vision and prevent vision degeneration.
  • Kale is wonderful for your heart and can lower your ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase your ‘good’ cholesterol.

We love a morning smoothie with organic kale, fresh pineapple, coconut milk, dates and banana. It tastes so good and the kale gives it a really subtle ‘greens’ taste. How do you like to eat kale?

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