Spicy Creamy Salmon Pasta

A simple and delightful dinner! Welcome to a gastronomic adventure where succulent salmon, vibrant vegetables, and the creaminess of pasta come together to create a symphony of flavors. In this Spicy Creamy Salmon Pasta recipe, we will explore the art of making a mouthwatering creamy salmon pasta, elevated to new heights with the addition of […]

Dates Bites

The Perfect healthy treat! If you’re looking for the perfect healthy snack or dessert, these 3 Ingredient date bites are the answer! They are rich, nutritious and delicious, not to mention so easy to make. You can freeze them or keep them in the fridge for over a week. The best part is that they […]

Royal Jelly

Fit for a Queen! Royal Jelly is not just a fancy name for marketing honey. It has amazing health benefits including improving cognitive functioning, increasing fertility and anti-aging properties. But what exactly is royal jelly? Well, while worker bees feed on honey for energy, the ultra nutritious Royal jelly is made exclusively for the queen […]

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