The Summer Checklist

Everything you need to be Summer ready!

Summer is officially here and we love it! Seasonal changes are a blessing, we experience nature’s beauty changing and enjoy different activities in the summer. Just like nature, we believe it’s great to adapt to the new season. Whether its changing up your beauty routine or health habits it’s also good to try new things that rejuvenate our body and spirit. We’ve rounded a small list of things you can do to try to get out of our comfort zones and find enjoyment and happiness in our lives.

  1. Enjoy the sun but make sure to use a good sun block like the Sea of Herbs Sun Defense UV Pearls with an SPF of 50.
  2. With chlorine and sun exposure regularly give your hair a much needed oil treatment with our selection of natural oils to give you fuller, healthier and shiny tresses!
  3. Change up your look and hairstyle, don’t get stuck in a style rut, re-invent yourself.
  4. Try some outdoor activities, gather some friends and family and enjoy a campfire conversation, or host an outdoor movie screening!
  5. Get plenty of hydration. Switch to iced coffees and teas in the scorching heat!
  6. Explore a new neighborhood/city or try a new activity such as bowling.
  7. Sleep under the stars.
  8. Take a painting class.
  9. Go to the park and have a photoshoot session with your loved ones.
  10. Read a book or join a book club.
  11. Eat ice cream on a cone!
  12. Visit a museum/park/zoo.
  13. Help someone in need.

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