Palestine on a Plate

Palestine on a Plate

Chef Joudie Kalla

A culinary love letter to Palestine

‘’Sometimes a homeland becomes a tale. We love the story because it is about our homeland and we love our homeland even more because of the story.’’

-Rafaat Alareer

Noor’s Review

The book ‘Palestine on a Plate’ by Chef Joudie Kalla is one of our favorite cook books and a kitchen library staple. Not only is it visually stunning, but it emanates the warmth and generosity of Palestinian culture and identity.

Like many Palestinians around the world, Joudie was forced to grow up away from her homeland. But Palestine was always with her, in her family, their stories and in her mother’s kitchen. Joudie is passionate about her Palestinian heritage and sharing her Palestine with the world.

I purchased ‘Palestine on a Plate’ this year because it is the closest thing to home I can recreate in my own kitchen. Joudie’s food has this special warmth and way of presenting food that is not just beautiful but honest and simple. It reminds me of the food I ate in my grandmother’s kitchen in Palestine, and there’s no beating that! I love that she has recreated intimidating ‘old school’ recipes simply and conveniently. Similarly, she has a great knack of adding Palestinian twists to even her own non traditional recipes like ‘Tahini Brownies’.

‘Palestine on a Plate’ is for everyone who wants to keep Palestine alive in their homes. To those who want to be introduced to Palestinian cuisine, and really for anyone who loves good food! Joudie has been working as a chef for over 16 years and has trained with some of the most prestigious chefs in London. She also hosts regular supper clubs where lucky guests get a taste of many of her recipes in her book. Also 50% of the profits from the sales of ‘Palestine on a Plate’ go to a children’s charity and cultural center based in Nablus, Palestine called Palestinian House of Friendship!

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