10 Ways to use coconut oil

The multipurpose wonder oil

There’s a reason why coconut oil is one of our favorite oils. It’s so versatile, every day we can find pins and posts about new ways to take advantage of this wonderful oil.

Here are 10 ways in general you can use Coconut Oil as a part of your health and beauty regimen:

1) COOKING OIL: Skip the butter and regular oil, try sautéing your food in coconut oil for a healthy and delicious dinner.

2) USE LIKE BUTTER: Do you love bread and butter but want to cut down? Try spreading some coconut oil on your toast for a delicious and fragrant breakfast. Top with honey or melted dark chocolate. Delicious!

3) MOISTURISER: keep a tub of natural coconut oil handy in your bathroom to lock in the moisture after your shower or bath.

4) BATH OIL: Add a scoop of coconut oil, epsom salts and a couple of drop of essential oil to your bath for a relaxing and fragrant bath time.

5) HEAL SCARS/ STRETCH MARKS/ REDUCES CELLULITE: Coconut oil has wonderful healing properties which make it perfect for healing scars, reducing the appearance of cellulite and preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

6) MASSAGE OIL: Coconut oil is a great oil for massage.

7) MAKEUP REMOVER: Ran out of your cleansing wipes? Use coconut oil to massage your face and eye makeup and then wash your face. So gentle yet effective.

8) LIP BALM: Instead of using regular lip balm, use coconut oil for soft lips, moisturizes but isn’t sticky/heavy like other balms or glosses.

9) WHITEN YOUR TEETH: If you haven’t heard of oil pulling yet, we strongly encourage you to research this ancient eastern practice of cleansing the mouth with oil, it also whitens your teeth and improves your health.

10) WOUND CREAM: Next time you get a cut, clean the wound and rub some coconut oil on it. Coconut Oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and can be used to treat wounds.

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