ZAATAR: Can it make you smarter?

The herb with super brain power

Palestinians and Middle Easterns love Zaatar! As children, many of us were told by our parents that it helps make us smarter. But based on scientific research is this true? Yes! And we’ll tell you why. First, let us discuss what Zaatar is. It is a delicious savory spice made of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, salt and sometimes olive oil. It is often also eaten with olive oil and bread, and is excellent with cheese. What makes zaatar so special is not only its flavor but its nutritional value. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients that boost the immune system, fight inflammation (where many chronic diseases stem from), increases circulation and yes it does aid memory.

Here are 9 health benefits of Zaatar:

1) It aids memory/ brain power due to increased circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain.

2) It’s great for your respiratory tract, congestion, which is why thyme is often used for people suffering from the cold and flu and asthma.

3) It increases energy, packed with nutrients to make you feel energized and increases metabolism.

4) Zaatar fights inflammation internally and can prevent chronic diseases.

5) The ingredients in zaatar fight depression and increase energy.

6) Heals the skin from bites and can soothe aching bones.

7) Boosts the immune system

8) It has cancer fighting properties

9) Anti-aging, great for the skin!

Try to incorporate some Zaatar in your diet everyday, sprinkle on top of your pizza, cheese sandwich for breakfast or season your chicken with it for dinner! And remember fresh, well made Zaatar always taste better and is better for you! Sample our delicious Zaatar mix today

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Comments (4)

  1. Nouq ice cream

    Maybe we should try to make zaatar ice cream…

  2. Karen M Gorss

    Very tasty. I was introduced to this product by a couple we had in our home just recently from the Jordan area. I have been eating it religiously now. I dop hard boiled eggs in it and place cream cheese on toast and put Zataar on the top of the bread. Very delicious.

    • Sea of Herbs

      Eggs & Zaatar… can’t go wrong there :) Thanks for your comment Karen.

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