Black pepper and its amazing health benefits 

King of all spices

Black pepper is known as ‘the king of all spices’, it’s a spice many people reach for almost everyday. But have you ever thought about where this essential kitchen spices came from? Or what health benefits we can enjoy from consuming it?

Black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper plant which originated in one of our favorite culinary cities, Kerala. The ancients used this now common but valuable spice both as a flavor enhancer and as a natural remedy. It can be easy to take this essential spice for granted but in terms of health benefits, it’s pretty impressive.

6 Health benefits of black pepper:

  1. Weight loss. Black pepper encourages weight loss by promoting the breakdown of fat cells.
  2. Improves digestion. It can help improve your digestion by expelling gas from the body and causing detoxifying processes like sweating and urination.
  3. Anti-bacterial. Black pepper has anti-bacterial qualities which help us fight infections and preserve food like meat.
  4. Good for respiration. When you have a cold or the flu, black pepper added to your soup or even tea can help expel impurities from your body and give your sinuses/ respiration a relief.
  5. Cognitive function. Rich in anti-oxidants that reduce DNA damage, black pepper has been shown to improve memory loss and cognitive problems.
  6. Helps maximize benefits of other nutrients. An amazing property of black pepper is that not only does it provide its own benefits but it also acts as booster for other herbs/spices that you may have added to your food.

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