Make my hands look young again!

How to take care of your hands:

Are you hands making you look older? Dry and neglected skin on your hands can make you look older than you are, not to mention cause irritation if you develop cold weather skin problems like eczema. Today we’re discussing 4 simple steps to making your hands look young again this winter.

The 4 rules for beautiful hands:

1) Exfoliate. We know you’ve heard it a lot of times, but gentle exfoliation is a must to slough away those dead skins cells, get some circulation going and reveal soft and healthy hands. We recommend Sea of Herbs Peeling Gel in Vanilla or Musk.

2) Get a polish-free manicure once in a while. Not only does it make us feel great but getting a manicure keeps your cuticles and nails in check.

3) Moisturise. This seems obvious but many people neglect this step! It’s so important to nourish your hands with the right cream like our Active Foot & Hand Cream with all natural ingredients and dab some of our Sea of Herbs Argan Oil on your cuticles to keep your hands looking young and soft.

4) Wear gloves. Whether you are going out in the cold or cleaning your home or doing your dishes, please wear gloves! The cold weather can cause dryness, cleaning products can be irritating and constant washing can dry out your hands. Also before bedtime, slather on our Active Foot & Hand Cream and wear some cotton gloves to wake up to beautiful, youthful hands!

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