The benefits of facial massage

A Secret Anti-Aging Technique

Many Celebrity Facialists and Makeup Artists like Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge use facial massages to give the skin a healthy glow and to keep you looking young.

Before we go on, we must say please do your research by looking up expert facialists like Su-Man and Lisa Eldridge on how to self-facial massage. After all you don’t want to harm your face by pulling and tugging the wrong way!

So why is facial massage so effective as an anti-aging technique?Massage allows the blood to flow to your face, lifts and tightens, relieves tension and drains lymphatic fluid such as puffy eye bags. It also gives you a gorgeous glow from the increase in blood flow. Massage works against wrinkles, releases tension points through pressure and drains fluids causing puffiness. We recommend using our Sea of Herbs Argan oil for your facial massage. It is non-greasy but still provides enough slip so you don’t apply too much tension on your skin. Our Argan oil smells lovely, and is packed with antioxidants! It is also multi purpose, it will beautifully hydrate face, body and hair.

The Best Protection Under the Sun
Make my hands look young again!

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