Want to reduce the appearance of cellulite?

A holistic method of diminishing your dimples:

The social media age has taken bombarding us with pristine images of ‘perfect’ women to an unprecedented level. It’s no wonder that even the most fit and conventionally beautiful women feel pressure to photoshop their images. And while we all crave that ‘barbie-like’ smoothness, most women (no matter their size) have cellulite. And that’s okay! In fact, stretch marks and cellulite are a natural part of being a woman and that does not make you any less beautiful.

We do however, listen to our customers who want natural products to help diminish the appearance of stretch marks (expecting mamas) and cellulite. And while we don’t know why exactly cellulite happens, there is a way to diminish it if that’s what you want. Which is why you’ll find a range of products to choose from that suit your needs. We believe a holistic method of health and beauty is the best way to go. So if you’re looking to diminish the dimples we recommend you do the following:

Cellulite treatment in 3 steps:

  • Diet & Exercise: This should go without saying, but sometimes the harsh reality is that people tend to ignore this part. A healthy diet and exercise regimen that includes resistance training is crucial for women’s health and appearance both short and long term. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water (you know how much we love to hydrate!).
  • Body brushing: Cellulite is made of up fat cells pressing up against the skin. Body brushing/massage is a way of increasing circulation and breaking up the fluids under your skin. We recommend body brushing daily, it take perseverance, but it works! Whether you like dry or wet body brushing we recommend you use our body scrub and Anti-Cellulite soap with skin tightening ingredients from the Dead Sea.
  • Oils and creams: Taking care of your body on the outside is just as important as it is on the inside with the right nutrition. Hydrating your body with natural ingredients from nature that are known to tighten and protect the skin are really worth it. Not only is moisturizing a great self care ritual but beautiful hydrated skin looks and feels good. After body brushing and showering we recommend using our Anti-Stretch plus, a rich blend of essential oils to help maintain elasticity and our Breast Firming Cream, a silky, smooth cream that nourishes the delicate breast skin to keep it plump and soft. Both are natural and safe during and after pregnancy. Another great product is Slim Fast Sea Weed Gel, another pregnancy safe option to reduce dimples and stretch marks.

We hope you found this post helpful, and please feel free to ask us any questions about our products, we’d be happy to help!

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