Why you should be drinking tea everyday

A healthy and soothing beverage

Tea. As a commodity it has started wars and became a status symbol. Today it is not only a drink but a pastime and researchers keep giving us reasons to keep sipping it! It is delicious, reminds us of home, soothes our body and mind and improves our health. At Sea of Herbs, our expert herbalists use traditional wisdom and modern medical research to infuse herbs with our teas to treat different ailments. We have a wide variety of medicinal teas to choose from for insomnia to weight loss to sexual problems.

Here are 10 reasons to make time for Tea & Herbal Tea:

  1. It is almost calorie free and hydrates your body
  2. Tea can prevent cancer and other diseases
  3. It has been found helpful for weight loss/ weight maintenance
  4. Tea is great for your teeth and bones
  5. It can help keep your immune system strong
  6. Tea can calm your mind yet also increase alertness
  7. It can help improve digestion and soothe digestive problems
  8. Tea can lower cholesterol levels and help with diabetes
  9. It can decrease your stress levels and help you sleep better
  10. Tea can help clear up your skin and acne

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