9 Sauna Health Benefits

The effects of Sauna Use:

When it comes to ‘new’ health trends, Sauna use is gaining in popularity thanks to new scientific research by scientists at University of Eastern Finland. But humans have been working themselves into sweat since the time of the Mayans thousands of years ago to reap its many benefits.

The Sauna experience itself is relaxing and therapeutic, but according to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, something wonderful happens when we get unpleasantly hot. From increased endurance to increasing stress tolerance, you’re going to want to start adding Sauna time to your daily routine because the health results are astonishing!

Here are 9 health benefits of using the Sauna:

  1. Brain power: Sauna use can increase growth in new brain cells, improve focus, learning and memory.
  2. Mood enhancement: Helps fight depression and anxiety.
  3. Endurance: Improves athletic performance and endurance in training.
  4. Human Growth Hormone: Sauna use can cause a robust release in HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which occurs naturally in children and adolescents to help regulate muscle and bone growth, metabolism and more.
  5. Improves Insulin sensitivity
  6. Detox & skin cleanse: Saunas flush out the toxic wastes in our body when we work ourselves into a deep sweat. It also cleanses the skin and beautifies it.
  7. Promote a healthy heart: Sauna use improves cardiovascular performance by training the heart muscles and improving heart rate. It can also reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  8. Increases immunity and reduces risk of colds and flu virus.
  9. Weight loss: Sauna use can burn calories through the sweating process.

And of course dear reader, please use caution while using the sauna as it can be fatally dangerous. Happy sweating!

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