A treasure under the Sea

From the deep blue sea, we uncover a hidden treasure that you not only find wrapping that yummy sushi roll you love but can also be a new addition to your shower. Seaweed! The tedious looking plant found on the sand and between the shores’ rocks can be our key to many of our predicaments. Better known as the“sailors cure” seaweed is by far an amazing element which many cultures induce into their diet, health treatments and beautifying practices.

Like the plant, the use of the seaweed has grown over the past years. Today, many (highly expensive if I may say) spas provide seaweed treatments to their clients. I myself would rather find a natural product that provides the same result at a much affordable price. So I decided to do my own research on seaweed and found amazing information which I want to share with you.

Seaweed plants and extracts help revitalize our hair and since seaweed contains rich nutrients that are vital to overall healthy looking hair, including iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, niacin, zinc, sodium, potassium and a range of vitamins. These vitamins help the hair to produce the natural oils that are essential for a healthy scalp. Seaweed also has the ability to bind with toxins and force them out from the body, hair and scalp. While protecting the hair from environmental damage, seaweed helps hair to maintain its moisture; resulting with softer, shiner healthy looking hair. Hair treated with the algae extracts (seaweed) are found to increase hair luster and wonderful softness while decreasing its electrostatic charge; leaving treated hair with more body and less fly away.

Due to the richness of the plant, researchers found that the vitamins and minerals found in seaweed can even help those who suffer from hair loss.

Here is a quick rundown of the key ingredients found in seaweed:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids feed hair follicles to stimulate growth
  • Iron & Calcium maintain hair production
  • Zinc deficiency leads to hair shedding
  • Vitamins A & C produce sebum (acts as a natural hair conditioner)
  • Vitamins B and E help maintain healthy hair

So, if you’re looking to find that missing element to dramatically give your hair a youthful luster that will last, then give seaweed the chance to hydrate your hair down to the root. I’m certain you’ll thank me ;)


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