Royal Jelly

Fit for a Queen! Royal Jelly is not just a fancy name for marketing honey. It has amazing health benefits including improving cognitive functioning, increasing fertility and anti-aging properties. But what exactly is royal jelly? Well, while worker bees feed on honey for energy, the ultra nutritious Royal jelly is made exclusively for the queen […]

Woman in Sauna

The effects of Sauna Use: When it comes to ‘new’ health trends, Sauna use is gaining in popularity thanks to new scientific research by scientists at University of Eastern Finland. But humans have been working themselves into sweat since the time of the Mayans thousands of years ago to reap its many benefits. The Sauna […]

Lemon Smoothies

The versatile ‘queen of greens’ : Just as avocados have become every millennial’s favorite fruit, Kale is probably taking over your social media feeds as well! But we’re not complaining, this cruciferous vegetable’s health benefits makes it worth the hype! It is so versatile in that it can be blended with other macronutrient ingredients for […]

Saffron Sahlab Recipe

A subtly fragrant winter dessert! We love the almost custardy Sahlab drink in the Middle East, it’s so comforting and a great dessert in the winter time. We thought we would get creative with the delicious Sahlab drink by infusing it with our spices like Cardamom and Saffron. These anti-oxidant rich spices provide a distinct […]

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