Turmeric Spice (100gm)




Turmeric Spice, is sold separately by Sea of Herbs to add rich flavor to your meals and is commonly used in our spice mixes as well. One delicious spice mix with Turmeric in it is our Curry Spice (in mild / hot & spicy). Perfect for that lamb biryani, butter chicken and even vegetarian dishes.

Health Benefits

Also known as the disease fighting spice, researchers hope to be the cure for cancer! But did you know that Turmeric is a great ingredient for many other health problems? At Sea of Herbs, we are a family of Herbalists with a passion for natural herbs and remedies. Turmeric is a recurring ingredient both in our carefully curated spice mixes as well as our Medicinal teas such as ‘Urinary Tract Infections Tea’ and ‘Liver Problems Tea’.


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